Tiger spotting during safari

Pench National Park is one of nine national parks in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh (MP), also known as the 'heart of India'. It is approximately two hours by road from Nagpur airport. Nagpur is well connected by air to all major cities especially Mumbai and Delhi. Out of all the states in India, Madhya Pradesh is known to have India's largest tiger population. Visit and follow our Instagram page to see photos from Pench and other national parks we cover.

Khursapar safari pench
A tigress from the Khursapar Range of Pench

The Park is shared by the states of Maharashtra and MP, although majority of it is in MP. To get a good perspective of the Park, it is advisable to visit the forest in both the states that share the Park. There are many gates to enter the Park in Maharashtra and MP, however, we show you the forest through two gates namely, Khursapar in Maharashtra and Turia in MP. 

Spotted Owlet on a Mahua Tree
Spotted Owlet on a Mahua Tree

The Park is closed from July 1 to September 30 (monsoon period) every year and the core gates are closed on Wednesday afternoon. You can do a morning and an afternoon safari in the core forest area and a night safari in the buffer forest area. 

Indian Wild Dog or Dhole
Indian Wild Dog or Dhole

Besides the Tiger, some other species of mammals you find here and don't in other National Parks in North India include the Indian Bison (gour) and the Indian Wild Dog (dhole).

Birdwatching in Pench
Indian Scops Owl in Pench

Besides mammals, Pench is also a paradise for bird watchers. One can spot birds such as the mottled wood owl, black naped monarch, leaf birds, jungle owlet, oriental honey buzzard, orange headed thrush, Indian Pitta etc. Pench is also a great Park to visit if you know your reptiles.

Jeep Safari in Pench
Jeep Safari in Pench

Suggestive Itinerary (can be customized)

Day 1:
  • Pick up from Nagpur airport (take the earliest flight in)
  • Check-in to your resort after a 2-3 hour taxi drive from the airport
  • Depending on your time of arrival from Nagpur, I can schedule an afternoon or night safari (7PM - 9PM). Safari timings are subject to change and subject to availability. 
Indian Giant Flying Squirrel
Indian Giant Flying Squirrel

Day 2:
  • Morning safari
  • Breakfast can either be packed and provided during the safari or upon your return to the resort which will be around 10 -11:00AM
  • Afternoon safari
Indian Nightjar in Pench
Indian Nightjar in Pench

Day 3:
  • Guided nature walk or another safari in the national park
  • Afternoon safari or guided village walk
Day 4:
  • Check out and drop off to Nagpur airport after breakfast.
reptiles in pench national park
Black Rock Agama

Please contact or call +91 9717148483 if you are keen to visit Pench.
Jungle Owlet Pench
Jungle Owlet - Pench

Please Note:
  • We do not guarantee that you will see the above wildlife. Wildlife sightings depend on many factors most of which are beyond your and my control. My local team will do their best to show you all there is to see. 
  • Carry photo identification, camera, binoculars, warm clothes (in the winter), backpack, sun glasses, cap, vizer, sun block and cash.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly not permitted in National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries.
  • Please do not throw trash on the floor even if you don't see a trash can. Please ask your guide and they will help to dispose it off properly.
  • To prevent disturbance to wildlife, it is recommended not to use call playback to attract birds, feeding or baiting of wildlife.