Dudhwa National Park

Morning safari in Dudhwa National Park

If your travels find you in Eastern Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow) then a trip to Dudhwa National Park is definitely warranted. It's a 4 to 5 hour drive from Lucknow and is worth it if you're interested in seeing birds and mammals such as the tiger and rhinos. 

Dudhwa National Park is the only other place in India other than Kaziranga (North East India) that is home to the one horned rhino. The Park has 30+ rhinos in a 35 square kilometer enclosure and you can go on elephant back to see them.

If you're going to Dudhwa National Park then I recommend you stop in Lucknow for a night. Not only because the journey to Dudhwa is long and can be tiring but also because Lucknow has a lot to see and offer. One night is never enough but if you're pressed on time then the must do and see in Lucknow are the local food (Awadhi cuisine is to die for) and the Imambaras.

Rumi Darwaza at night
Rumi Darwaza at night

Dudhwa National Park is on the border with Nepal. You can do a morning and an evening safari in the Park or opt for the elephant safari if you're keen to see the rhino.  

Bara Imambara
Bara Imambara

Suggested Itinerary

Three nights is what most do with one night in Lucknow and two nights in Dudhwa National Park. I recommend you travel slow as this is a wildlife themed holiday. As you know wildlife sightings are never guaranteed and don't take anyone's word if they promise you tiger sightings. You need to be patient and timing is key. As such I recommend 4 nights total with 3 nights in Dudhwa National Park and 1 night in Lucknow (if needed). If you want to visit Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary and Katarniaghat then I'd recommend you add 1 more day.
Birds of Dudhwa National Park
Crested Serpent Eagle in Dudhwa National Park
You can arrive by car or train to Lucknow. With the Yamuna Expressway, Lucknow is only 5.5 hours away from Delhi. Dudhwa National Park is about 4-5 hours to drive from Lucknow. You can also fly from Delhi to Lucknow and I can arrange transportation to take you to Dudhwa National Park. Stay options in Dudhwa vary from super luxury to basic. According to your budget, I can recommend properties I know and put together a wildlife package for you.

Frog Temple in Oel
Frog Temple in Oel

On the way back to Lucknow from Dudhwa, I recommend a brief halt at the Frog Temple in Oel. This temple is richly decorated with carvings and is famed for 'tantric' worshipping. 
Swamp deer in Dudhwa National Park
Swamp deer in Dudhwa National Park

Please Note:
  • There is no guarantee that you will see the above wildlife. The river and / or sanctuary is their habitat and sightings depend on water level in the river, human interference, climatic conditions, weather and other factors, migratory pattern of birds, most of which are beyond your and my control. I will do my best to show you all there is to see. 
  • What to carry during the safari: photo identification, camera, binoculars, warm jacket (in the winter), backpack, sun glasses, cap, vizer, sun block, some cash, and drinking water.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly not permitted in National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries.
  • Please do not throw trash on the floor even if you don't see a trash can. Please ask me and I help to dispose it off properly.
  • To prevent any disturbance to wildlife, I do not permit the use of any call playback to attract birds, feeding or baiting of wildlife. Despite this, if you do and are caught by the authorities or called out by locals or fellow wildlife enthusiasts, then you are entirely on your own - embarrassment, fines and other penalties as per the local laws governing national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are to be borne by you.

If you need assistance in planning a trip to Lucknow and Dudhwa, please email info@travelwith.in or call +91 9717148483.