Wild Kota, Rajasthan

Chambal Gorges
Chambal River

Trip Highlights:
  • Room and board
  • Chambal River safari with seasoned naturalists.
  • Birdwatching, otters, crocodiles, sloth bear, leopard and other wildlife spotting.
  • Kota heritage city walk, jungle drive to Badoli Temples.
  • Kota Doria Weavers village walk
  • Visit to Garadia Mahavdev (panoramic view of the Chambal river and gorges).

Looking to get away from your stressful city life? Then join us for a three night (or longer) stay in Kota, Rajasthan (3 hour drive from Jaipur and 8 hours from Delhi). 

I along with my team in Kota will take you off-the-beaten path for some unique wildlife, landscape and heritage in a part of India that is mostly known for it's engineering coaching classes and less for everything else.

Birds of Kota
Dusky Eagle Owl

Itinerary (can be customized)

Day 1: Check in to the hotel (if you are arriving by train, let me know if you need to be picked up). You can also take a taxi or train from Jaipur which is only three hours from Kota. Freshen up, explore the property, meet your hosts, followed by an excellent Rajasthani dinner.

Chambal River Safari Kota
Chambal River Safari

Day 2: Camera check? Binoculars check? Join us as we take you on an adventurous trip on one of India’s cleanest river eco-systems – the Chambal River. You will be accompanied by our expert naturalists who know every living being and where it resides in this part of the river. We may see crocodiles, several species of birds including endangered vultures nesting on cliffs, owls, kingfishers, migratory birds and if you're lucky perhaps even a sloth bear or a leopard.

Wildlife of Kota
Indian Sloth Bear. Photo by Mr. Tomar

Post lunch, we drive to Garadia Mahadev temple and view point. Be prepared to see the mighty Chambal and it's gorges which are nothing short of the Grand Canyon. The horse-shoe bend in the river were made famous in a commercial by the Rajasthan Tourism Board. Apart from birds including endangered vultures, the caves and crevices in the gorges are home to painted spurfowls, leopards, sloth bears and other wildlife.

Chambal river and gorges
Chambal river and gorges

By the time we make our way back to Kota, it will be close to sunset. Rest, relax and join your hosts for yet another great evening over stories and dinner. 

Day 3: After breakfast, we will do either a walking tour to explore Kota's lesser known built heritage - both it's Colonial past and it's rich Rajput history. Many think of Kota as a sprawling urban city, known only for it's educational coaching centers but little do they know that the city has a rich history and most of it is well preserved and worth visiting. Our walk leader is an English lady married to a Rajput who is passionate about the city's historical heritage. She has been living in Kota for the past 30+ years OR we will visit a view point on a dam (part of the drive is through a forest) to see crocodiles and otters and also a visit to 10th century Baroli temples.

Kota Garh Palace Museum
Kota Garh Palace Museum

Day 4: Check-out after breakfast. 

Additional activities:
  • Jawahar Sagar River Safari: this time we take you upstream Chambal where you will pass through the Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve, recently home to four tigers. Peaceful and pristine forests on both sides of the river will leave you in awe that such nature is still present in India!
  • Kota Doria Weaver Village Walk: Discover why Kota is famous for it's saris. Meet the artisans and the history behind this renowned art of doria saris.
  • Jhalawar: visit to the famous yet little known Gagron Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an ancient Jain and Sun temple and a heritage walking tour of life in the old streets of off-beat Jhalawar.
Widlife in Chambal Kota
Smooth Coated Otter

Price: Please email info@travelwith.in or call +91 9717148483

  • 03 nights stay
  • All meals (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners)
  • Local transportation in Kota
  • Chambal river safari
  • Naturalists and guide charges
  • Entrance fees for attractions in and around Kota as mentioned above
Birding in Kota
Stork-billed Kingfisher

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Optional activities mentioned above
  • Transportation from / to your home town to Kota
  • Expenses of a personal nature
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Any charges due to any cancellations or date changes by the guest or for any changes in the schedule beyond our control (e.g. weather, political strikes, pandemic, etc.)

Please Note: 
  • There is no guarantee that you will see the above wildlife. The river and / or sanctuary is their habitat and sightings depend on water level in the river, human interference, climatic conditions, weather and other factors, migratory pattern of birds, most of which are beyond your and my control. I will do my best to show you all there is to see.
  • The itinerary may need to be altered due to weather and other factors. We will cover as much as possible during your time in Kota.
  • What to carry during the safari: photo identification, camera, binoculars, warm jacket (in the winter), backpack, sun glasses, cap, vizer, sun block, some cash, and drinking water.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly not permitted in National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries.
  • Please do not throw trash on the floor even if you don't see a trash can. Please ask me and I help to dispose it off properly.
  • To prevent any disturbance to wildlife, I do not permit the use of any call playback to attract birds, feeding or baiting of wildlife. Despite this, if you do and are caught by the authorities or called out by locals or fellow wildlife enthusiasts, then you are entirely on your own - embarrassment, fines and other penalties as per the local laws governing national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are to be borne by you.