About the Founder - Kunal Jain

Kunal is originally from Agra (City of the Taj). From a very young age Kunal left Agra and went on to study and work in Nainital (Indian Himalayas), Germany, New York, Washington DC, Dubai and Singapore. Schooled in one of India's premier boarding schools, Sherwood College in Nainital, it was here that he was introduced to the outdoors and the wilderness. Kunal would often go on day trips with the Out-bound Club exploring near by Nainital and walk in the dense forests behind his school. In 2014, Kunal took a sabbatical from his job in Singapore and spent time volunteering with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Center for Wildlife Studies (CWS) in the forests of South India. 

dolphins chambal river
Dolphin spotting on the Chambal River

He went back to Singapore but it didn't take him long to realize that he is happiest when surrounded by nature and wildlife. He quit his fast paced and successful corporate job and moved back to India soon after. In 2018, he started Travel With. 

Chambal Wildlife tour - Kota
Kota - Beyond the Coaching Classes

In less than three years, Travel With has been rated in the top 5% of Outdoor Activities in Delhi NCR on TripAdvisor. This is a huge accomplishment as Kunal has no former experience in the travel industry, yet he took the plunge in a very competitive market despite a lot skepticism from his well wishers. Kunal has proven that you can successfully make a passion/hobby into a full fledged profession and that all it takes is grit, honesty and believing in yourself.

Talk on Responsible Wildlife Tourism at the U.S. Embassy, New Delhi

When not leading or organizing holidays for his guests, Kunal travels to new destinations, stays at hotels/lodges and walks with guides and naturalists. Simply put, he does a thorough due diligence thus sticking to his modus operandi - recommend only when personally tried and tested

On the look-out for Indian Wolves
On the look-out for Indian Wolves

Today, we have repeat guests from several Embassies in India, the American Embassy School, United Nations and World Health Organization besides others. Kunal also enjoys leading small sized school trips in to the wilderness as he feels the youth of today need to be put outside their comfort zone, take a break from gadgets and the usual academics.  Some of the schools he has organized tours for include the Child Reach (Mumbai) and Minnetonka High School, Minnesota USA besides others.

To stay upto date with our ever-changing natural environment, Kunal actively seeks opportunities to learn more about the forest and it's beings by participating in relevant workshops and training programs. 

About Travel With

Travel With is not your typical travel agency. Travel With is a collective of people, to be precise, like-minded people from all walks of life. With the support of this network of People, we lead and organize holidays to un-crowded destinations in India (and hopefully soon abroad). Destinations rich in nature, wildlife and guest relations and far-far-away from mainstream, crowded and one-off tourism. 

Chambal River Safari with Kunal
Chambal River Safari with Kunal

In Agra, Travel With organizes river safaris on the Chambal river, the cleanest river in India. The Chambal River Safari is one of our top rated experiences. We also lead and organize ethical wildlife safaris in national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and getaways in the Himalayas. 

 In Pench with Child Reach, Mumbai (school for children with special needs)

So, be it a glamping trip to see leopards in rural Rajasthan, weekend getaway to see the endangered Gharial crocodile on your way to the Taj Mahal, longer trips for those looking to detox in the Himalayas, small sized camping and outdoor trips for kids (and adults) or corporate retreats, we can organize and/or accompany you on such experiences. 

Family trip in lesser known Rajasthan
Family trip in lesser known Rajasthan

Travel With does not engage in unethical practices that are rampant in wildlife tourism these days, some of these include call playback of birds to get that perfect photo, feeding, baiting or petting of wildlife. Kunal also insists that the guides and resorts he partners with do not engage in such practices that are detriment in the long run to the survival of our fellow forest beings. Travel With also actively tries to minimize it's carbon foot print but we understand that it may not always be practical to do so. 

Red chillies Ranthambore
Red hot in Ranthambore

For bookings and press inquiries, please email info@travelwith.in or call/Whatsapp +919717148483. If you're interested in licensing or purchasing video footage please visit my YouTube channel first and then send me an email with your requirements.

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